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The Scottish Association for the Study of America would like to contribute to the recognition and education about Native American heritage on and beyond the settler colonial territory of the United States, including in our own nation.

This is a list of resources compiled by Dr Gyorgy Toth at the University of Stirling. We know that this list is far from definitive or exhaustive and we welcome suggestions of further resources to be included in the list.

Please get in touch with any additional resources.

To get you started, here is a taster of some of the resources we have compiled:

“The Sioux Chef uses only native ingredients, but isn't ‘cooking like it's 1491’”.
National Public Radio and Sean Sherman. October 24, 2022. 



"Here's an Ad about R--skins that its Makers Don't Have the

Money to Show During Sunday's Superbowl." Films for Action.

27 January 2014.



Missing and Murdered: America’s Forgotten Native Girls.

BBC Documentary Podcast.

Presented by LeAndra Nephin (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska).

3 November 2020.

Native American Indigenous FoodNPR and Sean Sherman
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Missing and Murdered: America's Forgotten Native GirlsBBC
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