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24rd Annual Conference
SASA 2023

All information regarding SASA 2023 will be posted here as planning unfolds! 

When: 4 March 2023

Where:  The University of Glasgow 

Annual Conference

The intent of the conference is to reflect the range and vitality of American studies and history in Scotland and beyond. 

SASA recognizes a broad definition of the Americas and includes anything situated within North, South or Latin America, at any point in history.  Abstracts are welcome from all disciplines, including history, literature, politics, culture, international relations, transnational studies, religious studies, music, film studies and cognate fields.


Participation is open to all scholars. We particularly encourage proposals from masters and doctoral students.

The conference aims to provide a friendly forum in which postgraduate students, early careers researchers, and academic staff can share and discuss their research.

Postgraduate Workshop

We host a bi-annual postgraduate workshop, typically the day before our annual conference.  Our next workshop will be in 2023.  You can see our past workshop programmes below! 

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